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Exciting Iceland Summertime Activities

Visiting Iceland this summer and not quite sure what it has to offer? One thing that is for certain is that there is a lot of activities available so we put together a short guide to help you find something for everyone.

Iceland, the most enchanting and rejuvenating island on earth is situated on the verge of the Arctic Circle and is the home ground of the most frequently occurring volcanic activities in the world. Listed below are the just some of the current entertaining summertime activities that Iceland has to offer.

Secret Solstice Festival

secret solstice iceland

Start your Iceland vacation with the very famous Secret Solstice midnight sun Festival. It is a music festival held every year for the past two years between 16th and 19th June.

You can enjoy an amazing amalgamation of musical confetti from emerging and established artists. It features a hefty line-up of multi-genre musical performances against the lovely natural scenery of the island.

From electronic to indie and folk to urban music, relish every genre as artists from around the world come together to celebrate summer. Here the sun virtually doesn’t set at all during June-July due to its northerly location. It is sure-shot a one-of-a-kind musical extravaganza and an event that you cannot afford to miss.

The Golden Circle

golden circle geyser tour

Golden Circle Iceland is a route that lets you visit and immerse yourself fully in the breathtaking sites of the island. Golden Circle tour offers an excellent opportunity to visit stunning sights of Iceland such as the Geysir geothermal area where you witness Strokkur geyser’s water shooting display.

This geyser throws water up in the air to a height of 30 meters or 98 feet every 4-8 minutes. You will also visit the amazing Gullfoss waterfall aka Golden Falls, which is created by the Hvítá River. Also included is the tour of Thingvellir National park where visitors get to observe Eurasian and American tectonic plates, which get pulled apart a few centimeters every year.

A visit to Friðheimar greenhouse cultivation center informs you about organic farming practices, for which Iceland is famous worldwide. Don’t miss the Golden Circle tour as it is a full-fledge package to visit the best sites in Iceland.

Whale Watching

whale watching tours iceland

Whale Watching in Iceland is a treat for the eyes and the mind. Iceland is regarded as the best location for whale watching in Europe. You can relish over 20 different species of cetacean in the pristine waters of this majestic island.

Species that tourists can get a glimpse of while on a whale watching tour in Iceland include fin, sperm, minke, blue, and killer whales along with harbor porpoises and white-beaked dolphins.

Nothing can beat the impact of watching marine life in its full-throttle gracing the crystal clear blue waters of the island. Do yourself a favor and enjoy this amazing summertime activity.

Midnight Golf

arctic golf iceland

Iceland breaks would not be complete without midnight golf. It will be an incredible experience for you because during summers Iceland offers plentiful sunshine 24hours a day so golfers can play any time during the day or at night.

The near-perfect golf courses, mesmerizing landscape, and amazing atmosphere all heighten the impact of golf. If you book an Iceland travel package for the month of June then you can also enjoy the very interesting Arctic Open Golf Championship midnight golf event at Akureyri Golf Club.

It is being held every year between 23rd and 25th June since 1986 and attracts the attention of ardent golfers from around the world.

Volcano Tours

Kerid iceland

Want to visit Iceland volcano that erupted around 4,000 years ago? Well, then you must get yourself registered for the Dormant Thrihnukagigur Volcano (Three Peaks Crater in English) tour.

It is surely an out-of-this-world experience as it introduces you to a completely different environment. You will be visiting one of the three craters of the volcano and get to view prominent landmarks of the island.

However, there are other sites to visit as well while on volcano tours because Iceland is a huge geological hotspot and the world’s most active volcanic region due to it being situated on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

You can visit Iceland Volcano and enjoy plenty of other amazing summertime activities with our Iceland travel packages. Our travel packages are truly exceptional as these are regularly updated with the hippest and happening activities taking place in Iceland.

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