Tuk Tuk Tour Around Reykjavik

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The Magical History Tour

Experience the magic of history in the oldest part of Reykjavik. See how the town expanded from the harbour, hear the exciting tales of yesteryear, feel the atmosphere of the city´s most sought after residential area, smell the aroma of the city´s newest and most exciting restaurants mixing with the more traditional sea-related activities. Our guides will take you on a journey through time and weave a magical thread of fun and facts for you to experience. Our Tuk Tuk´s provide an easy access to the narrow, cobbled streets of the old town and give you an insiders look on Reykjavik of today, with a touch of the past.

Our 75 min tour gives you a thorough look at Reykjavik of the old, with it´s fishing cottages by the harbour and the more extinguished houses on the hill of Þingholt, from the revival of Grandi, where modern times meet the fishing shacks, to the ingrained neighborhoods where every house is of a different color, with the pond at it´s center. We give you an insider´s view on how the residents of today stand firmly in the Reykjavik of the past. A great way to see the city´s landmarks.




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