Whale Watching Reykjavik

Departing Daily from Reykjavik Harbour | From 9,900 ISK

Whale Watching from Reykjavik


Experience the best Iceland has to offer with spectacular whale watching opportunities.
Almost all the year around you’ll be able to see a variety of whales, from the minke and humpback whales to whale beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises.
The high peak season for whale watching is from april – october and beside that time of year the ocean is full of adventures.
All the other aquatic species, all sorts of wildlife and of course the splendid scenery by the coast of Iceland.




  • Free admission to the museum WHALES OF ICELAND
  • Experienced and professional guides
  • Warm floatation overalls
  • Free Wi-Fi on board
  • Heated indoor cabins with toilet facilities
  • Snacks and beverages for sale on board
  • Pickup is available for extra charge
  • 3 hours whale watching tour


  • We recommend wearing good footwear and warm clothing
  • Bring your camera!




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